Travel with kids -Yay or Nay?

How often have we read and heard about people who have stopped taking breaks and going for holidays, simply because ‘now they have a kid’! Having kids is no reason to not travel.

I have often been asked, “How do you manage to travel with kids & sometimes, without them?” I feel no one else deserves a break more than parents who are taking care of their child 24/7.

You may say that vacation with kids is nothing, but a change of destination. As parents, our instinct compels us to put the interests of our kids before anything else. Always, ALWAYS!

Let’s see if we can add a new dimension to this, shall we?  

We all know for a fact that travel enhances learning, boosts confidence and helps the child understand the world better…    

Let’s explore what’s in it for us.

Here are five off-beat reasons why kids MUST be taken on a holiday:  

Be a child again!

What’s the purpose of a vacation? It’s to break the monotony, to connect with the world on a different level and to spend quality time with your family.

I have had some of the most wonderful memories in gardens, zoos and amusement parks with my girls.  To swing alongside them, to gawk at the animals or even to cheer during character parades are somethings that I have not done as a child myself. It’s my chance to be a kid again- the colors entice me, the characters make me smile, I enjoy the candy and the happiness on my kids’ faces makes all my worries go away. Would you ever have gone to these places if you traveled without kids?  Go- it’s a different world out there! Be a child again!

Take a guilt-free trip

We have all heard of mom-cations , liked their stories and even felt envious, wondering if we can ever go on a similar solo holiday. Believe me, it’s a li’l more glorified than it actually is! I am not saying it’s not fun; it definitely has its moments (more on it in another blog-post). All I am saying is as a mother, we can’t ever have a guilt free holiday without our kids. They always occupy a large part of our mindspace.

If we take them along with us, they will be right there, building sand castles or reading books in front of us and we can devour our books while enjoying our glass or glasses or even bottles of wine without having to worry about them.

Pro tip – We can invest the money which we would have otherwise used to buy almost redundant, guilt-laden gifts for our kids, in other experiences, or even indulge ourselves! 😛

Learn to adjust and accommodate

How often have we heard ourselves preach our kids, “It’s ok! For once, PLEASE adjust!” More so, if we have two or more kids! Have we ever tried adjusting ourselves? Kids adjust and accommodate the fastest. It’s us who need a bit of fine tuning. We all learn to adjust with one washroom, one double bed in our one hotel room and be a little more grateful for the ‘luxuries’ back home!  

Create memories

At home, in our regular set-up, we are all wired up and running errands. All of us are busy building the ‘right environment’, one which facilitates learning and is conducive of it. In the process, we often forget to really know our kids.

 Holidays provide the most opportune moments to break that stereotype and to create wonderful memories. It’s the perfect setting to make a one on one connection, to have heart to heart talks and to get to know your child better!  

And I have saved the best for the last!

Amazing photography skills

Have you ever tried asking your kid to click a photo for you? If not, try it just now! The low angle (if your kid is between 4-7 yrs – yes, I love my photos, and have done ample research 😉 ) makes for an amazing picture. Try to look away when the child is clicking and voila! you get some stunning ‘frame worthy’ and ‘dp material’ photos! If your child is younger, you can get lots of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ worthy photos, and if your child is older, you can get some candid ones!

In other words, you will definitely have a vacay album that will make others go “Awwww!!”   

Clicked by Ishaani – my four year old

These are some of my reasons for taking my kids along, what are yours?;)


How to make these trips kid friendly & hassle free will be up on another blog-post soon!! 🙂