Why do we love to travel?

Everyone around me knows how passionate I am about traveling and holidays. Some people might say traveling is trendy, but for me it is a way of life. I have been traveling for as long as I can remember.

As a kid, I have traveled the length and breadth of our country, India on road trips with book maps because GPS didn’t exist back then.

The seed for the love of exploring was sowed by my father and thankfully my husband nurtures it and shares my passion.

Together we love exploring new places with our daughters, while living and learning on the go. Apart from providing a rejuvenating break from our mundane lives…

here are top five reasons why we love to travel as a family


Travel teaches us much more than any book, classroom or laptop can! We have learnt much more about history, geography and even languages during travels than any classroom has ever taught us.

The things we learn during travels are more holistic in nature. Hence the ability to retain them is longer. Every new destination has an initial unfamiliarity and our mind acquires skills to overcome it and make it familiar. It is an ongoing process. We learn to adjust and accommodate, invent unique and crazy solutions to crazier problems while laughing (and sometimes crying) through all of it. The knowledge gained during travel is vast and thrilling. The new insights we get, help us solve the new challenges we encounter, thus boosting our self esteem and confidence. 

Expanding perspectives 

Travelling opens up our minds to new experiences and new cultures. It shows us a horizon of endless possibilities. The cultural diversity in our world is invigorating.  It is mind blowing to see how uniquely the different ethnicities and tribes celebrate life. This gives us a chance to pause and reflect upon our lives. Expanding our perspective towards life and living is an enriching experience that only travel can bring.  The more we see the world, the more we enhance our way of living and learn to accept things the way they are. It is the single most factor which teaches us compassion and inclusiveness, while guiding us to do away with our prejudices. 

Makes you richer 

Every year we spend a lot of money on travel, which we could very well invest and save for the future. However, we choose to splurge it on ourselves . Why? Because it makes us tick and it makes us richer! Richer because every time we come back from a vacay, we have enriched ourselves with unforgettable memories , delectable food experiences, thrilling adventures and energised our bodies, minds and souls. No amount of savings can bring us the joy that travel does. It teaches us to live in the moment. 

As for our kids, we are already making them richer by showing them how amazingly big this world is and how small we individuals are. The world doesn’t revolve around us- but it is our duty to make the earth our centre of attraction and preserve it for future generations.

Making new friends 

Travel brings us in contact with new people everyday. There are some people who we instantly connect with and they become an indispensable part of our life journey. These meaningful bonds made outside our comfort zone not just teach us a thing or two about life but about ourselves as well. Their unbiased opinions help us to look beyond what is. Travelling gives us a chance to not just leave our footprints everywhere, but also to make some soulful connections.

Most people we have encountered while travelling are loving and caring, thus making our belief in humanity stronger. If there’s a problem in a foreign land, people, in general, are eager to help. The new friends we have made along our travels have shown us what essentially oneness is ~ We all belong equally to this world as much as the world belongs equally to each one of us. Despite our own diversity and uniqueness, we are all the same at the core. We laugh, we love, we dance, we cry – only the extent might vary ! 

Appreciating your life 

It may sound like an anomaly but every time we step out for a holiday, it also makes us feel grateful for what we have left behind and what we will be going back to. We become more appreciative of the little things back home which we may have overlooked otherwise. The familiarity of home, the comfort of our own beds and the smells from our kitchen become more pronounced. It helps the kids appreciate and be thankful for what they have too. In other words, it makes us less complaining.

Often, people have quipped about how easily we adjust and accommodate and are always happy – honestly, it is the extensive travel which has made us like that- to be happy in what is, to laugh more , to accept more, to move on and to let go of what is beyond our control! 

Hope this inspires you to travel more and explore more!

Hip hip holiday!!:)